Exercising while traveling

At some point in our lives we all travel whether it’s for pleasure, business or vacation. It might be either a massive adventure around the world for months or a quick trip to the next town.  No matter what kind of trip it is, each travel plan will really screw up your training routine. You won’t have access to your usual workout equipment anymore, you’re sleeping at odd hours in different time zones and suddenly can’t run around your neighborhood because there’s no familiar path to follow.

So, the big question is: How to stay fit while traveling?

Well, believe me that I’ve already followed these simple steps because I am traveling a lot. Since I am also yuusk.com I am very interested in keeping my “shape” fit and nice because appearance is definitely a fact that brings me more opportunities to travel.


There one big reason why yoga is popular all over the world – it’s very good for your mind, body and soul. A yoga class while traveling is fun and great for keeping you in shape. I have done this once with a she form yuusk.com and believe we felt a different connection between us after that.

Always choose the stairs

This type of exercise can be done outside and inside and it is very effective for both cardio and strength. Just set a time limit (for instance 25-30 minutes is very effective) and run up and down those stairs as fast as you can.

Water sports

There are several things to do in the water. We all know that swimming is always a full body workout. If you don’t like swimming you can run on the beach or run through the water just about ankle deep. The water resistance will make the workout more efficient.


Visit the city by walking. When you are exploring a new destination you easily can walk at least 3 miles per day without even noticing.

Local activities are nice                               

In many regions from Asia, locals often gather in the parks or other public places and start practicing dance and Tai-Chi. Of course that you can find almost in every corner of the world locals playing a friendly games in a local park.

Hope these tips will be useful to you!


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