They say on their website that swinor is:

“swinor is leader website containing people looking for meeting new connections near you. See why thousands of adults from all around the world choose to chat here on swinor every day. 

We helped millions of people find their soul mate, traveling together, do business..

“We only accept our members after carefully verifying, to continually provide our members with quality services. The only thing that has to be kept in concern is being polite. Yes, politeness aside coolness is the key for the start and success of your online relationship.”


What is the purpose of and my recommendation?

The proposed purpose of this website is to offer guys a chance to meet such girls. That is women interested in having fun, one night stand or something more serious. A kind of social networking for people who like to hook-up.

Your initial sign up at swinor is free, as well as it is free to create your profile and have it posted on the site for other members’ to browse. If you would like to have unlimited access to those contacting you and to contact others, however, you need to upgrade to a paid membership. In addition, common criticisms of swinor include that it is used by a large amount of women looking to earn money from making contacts on the site, even though Membership Rules forbid members from sending money to one another.

swinor Team, always check the girls’ conversations and if somebody doesn’t respect their rules, they are immediately suspended, and their systems see also if same person will try to make accounts from same phone/ PC/ IP.

Always remember that meeting with a stranger is potentially dangerous and that you should be very careful when choosing your companion.

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