Traveling with a Travel Partner from Yuusk?

Traveling is supposed to be fun. But, have you ever thought how much more fun it would be if you had some travel buddy or travel companion with you? When you travel solo, it has its own challenges but when you travel with a trip buddy, you know for sure that there would be someone else with you to help you out in facing a trip challenges.

It is possible that you might have heard about strangers traveling together to various destinations so that they can explore different places like a local. This is where a travel companion or travel partner role comes in.

You certainly would have acknowledged the idea of traveling with your friends or family in several plans you make with them. But have you ever thought how interesting it could be to actually meet a travel friend for the first time on a trip to a place you both visits?

A Better Way to Explore/Travel

Let’s admit, traveling today is way more convenient than it was anytime in the past, all because of the up-gradation of technology in the travel industry. With access to more places/cities/countries of the world with quick procedures and means of transportation, a traveler can go on any trip easily but the real meaning of travel is not visiting but experiencing. When you go on a trip you go to experience new places & people along with the differences in culture, language & way of living that these places & people have to offer. While trying to fit yourself in according to the place you visit, you tend to learn better about that place, and to accomplish this you need to spend time with a local to basically stay, live & travel like a local.

Think about it, if you can find a travel friend or a female travel companion for your trip, who turns out to be a local, then he or she can share important & hidden gems of the city with you which you should visit there including restaurants, pubs & other tourist attractions. Not only this bet he or she might accompany you on your trip as your travel friend or a guide and you can create travel memories & experiences together.

Girls Can Be a Great Travel Friend or Partner

A female traveler in India feels safer with another female — a local or maybe another traveler. Having a trip with a female travel companion whom you got to know recently and found interesting on a social travel site is a great option for all female solo travelers. The good thing is this is very much easier today with various travel buddy apps. With the advancement in technology, traveling has become easy nowadays, and so has the ease of finding a travel companion to join in with you on your next trip.

The Trend of Traveling with a Female Travel Companion

Undoubtedly female solo travelers want to travel with a girl as travel buddy in India. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Sharing the budget —Let’s face it, traveling is NOT free and it doesn’t have to be. It takes decent money to get out there and explore. Having a travel partner only makes it easier for you to share the expenses.

  2. Feeling safe and happy —You will surely feel safe and happy while having a new female travel friend around you on your trip. Not only it will make you feel safe but it will let you explore the destination/s better as compared to exploring it alone.

  3. Building networks —You can make a good network and bonds with the people you travel with. It is a good skill to inherit as it will make you an extrovert in life and also reveal the possibility of a friendship.

  4. Pictures —Who doesn’t want to get good pictures of them with a breathtaking scenic view behind, and that’s where traveling with someone makes it way easier to ask them to help you out with the correct poses or photos.

  5. Future travel plans— You can make some future travel plans too depending upon your existing travel experience with your new travel buddy. It will give more opportunities to quench the thirst of the wanderer inside you.

Where to Find Female Solo Travelers?

Thankfully, it is no longer hard to find travelers online with whom you can make travel plans after getting to know them. You can meet awesome travel enthusiasts who can make your trip more fun & memorable. There are several reliable and trustworthy free social travel sites/apps to help you find female travel companions or travel partners. One such example is Yuusk, specifically targeting travellers with an urge to see the world.

The unique selling point of the site is its travel-centric ethos, with singles travelling to sometimes far off locations with strangers, in the hope of finding romance.

The site encourages safe travel for members, listing a range of helpful tips for those wishing to meet up with new people from the site. Users must be over 18 years of age and are expected to fully complete their profiles and use a registered picture before logging onto the site. Membership can be renewed on the basis of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. A mobile app version of the site is available for free on GooglePlay . More details on Yuusk are available on the website.

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